Engineering a new era of finance.

Built from the ground up with security and compliance at its core, Securrency delivers financial technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities.

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Platform Highlights


Streamlined Issuance Process

A simple drag-and-drop workflow that lets issuers construct offerings from beginning to end; define terms of the deal, set distribution rules, and tokenize securities in a single click.

Global Identity & Wallet Proofing

Our patent-pending RegTex™ engine can conduct KYC in 160+ countries, AML on both fiat accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, and source of funds and accredited investor verification.


API & Abstraction Layer

Our system is ledger-agnostic; plug directly into Securrency’s flexible InfinXChange™, access a network of global markets, and execute transactions across a range of blockchain technologies.

Enhanced Liquidity Model

Our automated tokenization process converts private securities into tradeable tokens; our patent-pending securitization model enhances liquidity regardless of asset type.


How Securrency Helps Our Clients


Expands deal flow and reduces back office costs.

A broker-dealer's ability to grow is limited by expensive back office functions, access to high quality deals, and a saturated buy-side. Securrency's platform addresses these challenges by facilitating inbound deal flow, automating regulatory reporting, and expediting the vetting and qualification of international buyers. Our technology bridges traditional financing models into the emerging cryptocurrency market.



Enables low cost access to traditional and emerging capital markets. For many asset managers, raising capital depends on shallow Rolodex-style networks, expensive intermediaries, and time consuming administrative work. Securrency streamlines capital formation through a repeatable process, enabling asset managers to securitize at a fraction of the cost. Securrency enhances the pool of available investors by enabling global participation, while minimizing the cost and effort of compliance.



Makes the creation and issuance of tokens as easy as filling out a simple form.  Legal compliance, regulatory costs & uncertainties are a challenging liability for companies looking to conduct Security Token Offerings (STOs). Securrency's workflow guides issuers through a step-by-step process to create their offering and address compliance. Securrency makes it easier than ever to raise capital - letting issuers focus on what they do best: building the businesses of the future. 



Provides access to a broad range of global investment opportunities.

Currently, private placements and alternative asset investments are plagued by long lock-in periods, inconsistent availability of records and analysis, and fragmented markets. Securrency's platform connects markets to create a one-stop-shop for discovery, analysis and investment. Asset backed tokens are liquid, can be traded and transferred with the convenience of currency, and have the stability and yield of a security. 


The Team

Securrency was founded in 2015 by national security experts and US military veterans. Today, it is comprised of a team of 80+ full-time professionals, with offices in Arlington, Virginia, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and footprints in London, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles. 

The US-headquartered firm offers high-speed KYC/AML in 160+ countries, embedded distribution controls, market-making liquidity capabilities with bespoke tokenizing systems, interoperability with multiple DLT/legacy protocols, and an interlinked solution fostering unparalleled global liquidity. All products are available separately or as a comprehensive solution.



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