Securrency delivers universal financial technology solutions

We create interoperability among blockchains and legacy systems with associated Distributed Investment Banking Services (DIBS). Securrency supports the secure, compliant, and convenient issuance and trading of security tokens and other modern financial instruments.

Securrency technology will underpin the financial services infrastructure of the future, serving as the global unifying protocol centered upon compliance, security, and universal interoperability


Capital Formation

Securrency stimulates global capital formation by developing and deploying best-in-class financial and regulatory technology products comprising end-to-end distributed investment banking services to support the transition to the security token economy 

Security, Compliance, and Convenience

Securrency enhances global access to capital and reduces market friction by delivering simple-to-use and highly-secure technologies that protect value and enable transparency through its cutting-edge compliance framework


Securrency promotes the “network effect” expansion of global liquidity by developing and deploying its core financial services infrastructure technology through global strategic partnerships with legacy financial industry leaders and emerging leaders in the cryptocurrency community